Saturday, August 15, 2009

One week down and a little deja vu

The first week of school has come and gone, much to my relief. I'm very excited about starting up the new year teaching in some new settings but switching from elementary to middle school is definitely an adjustment! The students have been great and it's nice actually having a classroom of my own again. I love being itinerant but being in the classroom for an extended amount of time is what really makes me happy. I can't wait to see what the rest of the school year brings!

My attempt at growing vegetables has proved to be quite a success! On my deck I have basil, romaine lettuce, and tomatoes in full swing. Here's a great artsy picture the man friend took of some of my veggies...

Tomatoes!!!! From my OWN garden! How fun is that?!?! I love it...

A little bit of deja vu has been going on in the casa for the past couple of days. You remember Copper and her back problems which led to surgery? Well, my older dachshund, Meg, has starting showing some of the same problems. She's been walking around in what seems like a lot of pain with her back extremely arched but will then turn around and walk normal again. My dad, aka vet extraordinaire, confirmed my thoughts: Meg probably has a bulging disk and, depending on what happens over the next few weeks, may have to get surgery if the disk ruptures.
(Meggie on the couch)

Right now, the protocol is to put Meg on prednisone (keeps the inflammation/swelling down), keep her confined to her kennel, and try to give her body time to hopefully heal on its own, sans surgery. Fingers crossed that a lot of diligence and positive vibes will help her pull through.

Thankfully, I have this man to help over the next few weeks....

I've seriously lucked out having him along for the ride! :)

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