Sunday, October 11, 2009

Only in New York

So I watched a documentary on HBO called Nursery University.
The film brings to light the insanity parents in NYC are a part of when trying to get their little ones into the "right" preschool program. The parents see these preschool programs as "feeder schools" into Ivy League Schools. No joke! A handful of families' experiences are chronicled as they navigate through this process.

As an educator, so much about this process and the parents' intensity is so insane it's actually funny. I couldn't believe families would actually pay $20,000 for their child to learn how to socialize with others or the fact that there are consulting firms who's sole purpose is to help parents "navigate" the preschool application process. The film is definitely interesting but it only further solidifies the fact that I would never want to live in NYC. My apologies to my NYC peeps. :)

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