Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Two full weeks off from teaching is always a wonderful treat during the Christmas season and I welcome the time with open arms! The first few days of the break took place in Tampa, Florida where my parents have recently retired and my sister and husband live. Although the time was short, the time with the family was wonderful. I also was able to squeeze in a little knitting which came in handy in Colorado. (Check out the first pic below for the finished project!)
Since Adam just moved out to Denver, I wanted to spend Christmas and the rest of the time with him so he wouldn't be alone for the holidays. I arrived the Wednesday before Christmas and have been having a blast. Thursday morning was spent and the killer REI store shopping for Adam's presents and couple of items for me (including some proper boots for being in this lovely snow!). The afternoon was dedicated to shopping for Christmas dinner and the evening was spent with a neighbor of mine from Alaska.
Adam and I woke up early Christmas morning and he took to the kitchen to make some yummy Pamela's pancakes with blueberries! After breakfast we decided to head outdoors for a lovely, long walk in City Park and complete with picture taking then stumbled upon the Denver Zoo which was open! We had a great time checking out all the critters!
The rest of the day is being spent prepping the food for Christmas dinner, hanging out, and even doing some knitting.
The pictures below are a recap of the Denver trip so far...

My finished project! Mittens!

Hanging with Mimi and Lulu!

Checking out a stunning coral reef

A bizillion ducks!

How snazzy is this critter?

Yep, I'm skipping! Snow makes me THIS happy!

My love and I...our first night in Denver together.

May you and yours have a lovely and peaceful holiday...

Much love and good karma to all,



bonequinhoda bic said...

I there !
I was just browsing trough the web and found your Blog. You have a really, good photographers eye. Feel free to pay me a visit anytime.

rhodespedal said...

I wish I could take credit for many of these amazing pics but my fiance is the one who has the photographer's eye. He is just gracious enough to let me use them on my blog.

I'm glad you stopped by, though!