Sunday, July 25, 2010

Calling All Crafty People!

Okay peeps! I've not talked a lot about it on here but I have a wedding coming up at the end of September and now it's beginning to take a forefront in my mind as the details are being worked out. One thing I thought was really cute was this "Just Married" banner on etsy.


Since I have some sewing skills I figured I could give a go at making this myself. The only thing is, I've never done any printing/stamping on fabric! Before doing tons of online research, I thought I would throw it out to the awesome people in blog land. Have you all ever done any printing/stamping on fabric? Any suggestions on how to go about creating this banner? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


Molly said...

i've been thinking of making a banner just like that - but with the words "happy campers". then we can hang the banner at our campsite :)

i would use freezer paper stencils to transfer the letters. find the font you want, transfer the letters to freezer paper (you can even print directly onto freezer paper if you cut it to size), cut ou the letters with an exacto knife, iron the letters onto the material and stencil away!

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Yes, I've used HP Iron On Transfers paper to iron text onto fabric. Have fun!

Charlotte said...

I have done a lot of stamps the stencil way... I dont know the propper english word for the material that I use, I'll try to descripe it. (the danish word is bogbinderplast)
you use it on books, to protect the cover, its transfere, it sticks on, as it have a glu side.

This is so smart to do stencil with.

I print the fonts, glue them on the transfere book cower paper, cut them out in 1 pice use the cut out eye... that i "glue" on my fabric, then I use the paint on a spunge and little by little i put the paint on. Takes of the transfere book paper, and let i drye.

rhodespedal said...

Thanks to everyone for the great suggestions! I'll have to try out both the freezer paper technique and the iron on transfers and see which one I like best!

Molly - LOVE the idea of making a "happy campers" banner! Might have to steal that idea for when I go camping with Adam. :)

Denise - Thanks for letting me know which brand you use. I also really appreciate you stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment!

Charlotte - I tried to look up bogbinder plast (book binding?) but didn't find anything that was the equivalent but would love to see some examples! I'm such a visual person. :)

Lindsay Cotter said...

oh thats so cute! I wish I was crafty and new what do to with it. I'm only crafy in the kitchen , haha.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Charlotte referring to contact paper?

This is such a cute idea!