Thursday, November 11, 2010

Up and At 'Em!

It's stupid early right now (2:40AM!!!) but I'm so excited because we have today off from school so I woke up early to get more things done! Not only did I want to post a blog but also get in some much needed knitting time before working out, cleaning house, and running a few errands (including looking for a dining room table we badly need before we host a Thanksgiving dinner! Yikes!). Anyone who knows me will tell you I'm definitely a morning person! I LOVE getting up early and getting a jump on things! Please tell me some of you are the same!

I'm sure some of you have noticed the change in my header and yes, I'm now married! Everyone has been asking me if married life is different. Since Adam and I had already dated for 6 years prior to being married and lived together for 4 of those years, my answer mainly has been no. (I can see where people who don't live together prior to marriage could say yes. Learning to live with someone and their idiosyncrasies is always an adjustment! A good one, though, if you've been living alone for a long while.) The only big change I have had to work on is getting use to saying 'husband' when I had finally become consistent with saying 'fiance' over 'boyfriend'! No worries, though. I'm quickly adjusting! ;)

It's been such a fun journey these past months being engaged and going through the whole process of planning a wedding. Things that day really turned out well. Adam and I were able to keep the party size fairly small (64 people) and keep it personal. My mom, my dad, and awesome sister were able to help create many things for the day to keep things personal. My dad my the signs, my mom made the owls and found the cotton branches, my sister and I sewed/created the "Mr./Mrs." pendants and burlap runner, and my dad even went hiking into the Florida wood to find those gorgeously, huge pine cones! He came out with some battle wounds, though. He came out with a ton of chigger bites! :(

I thought I would wrap this post up by leaving you with some of my favorite pictures from our Engagement Shoot to our Wedding Day. Our photographers were amazing and I love how they have captured these moments forever for Adam and me. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do.

(FYI: Sorry the pic sizes are smaller than normal. I was too lazy to upload each one into Flickr and change them!)


Sarah said...

Soooooo I don't know you but thought I would check out your blog after you kindly checked out mine. What a beautiful wedding! I love love love your hair piece and the buntings you used. Makes me wonder what I would change about my wedding since I have experienced a craft explosion. Thanks for sharing.

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

these pictures are gorgeous, just breath taking!

Good luck with hosting Thanksgiving today!

Carolyn said...

Breath taking pictures!

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