Friday, February 22, 2008

My "Ahh!" Moments

So things are going really well. Much better than the last post. ;) For one, I have rented out my townhome for another year...and to someone I know personally which thrills me beyond belief! It's a massive weight that has been lifted off my shoulders to know my home will be taken care for.

I've also recently stumbled upon podcasts. Yes, I know I'm pathetically late on this discovery comparatively speaking to the rest of the world, but better late than never! There's some really good podcasts on knitting and I also really like the Sierra Club podcast. I would love to know if others out there are listening to podcasts and which ones they like!

Alice Waters' fabulous cookbooks have entered my life and I am so stoked to be using her amazing recipes. Reasons why these books rock:
1) Both books contain a million wonderful recipes for veggies that I have been too nervous to use in my cooking and I feel more confident now with trying them out
2) All the veggies listed also have the corresponding season written with them so you know when to buy the food and when to avoid them even though the grocery stores will still sell them ( Out-of-season=more energy spend on transporting food from longer distances. Boo...)
3) I love Alice Waters' belief that one should derive pleassure from cooking and eating food. I've been concerned a while now with how quickly, as Americans, meals have steered away from the pleasurable and social aspect it once represented.
4) I adore Alice Waters' movement to promote her "Delicious Revolution" in the schools. She has started up a pilot project called the Edible School Yard and the knowledge the children are getting from this project is truly inspiring. As a teacher, I would love to see more students be exposed to such a wonderful idea that is so vital to our health.

Okay, enough preaching. Hope to post soon about the recipes I try and hope you get a chance to check out the books!

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