Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sometimes It Be That Way

Things have hella hectic and busy but in a very deliciously, satisfying way. The weather was amazing on Monday so Adam and I had a lovely impromptu bike ride. A kid attempted to jump out in front of me on the path and I thankfully was able to avoid her but had issues with clipping out my right foot quickly which led to the following pic...

I love getting dirty on my bike! =)

The rest of the week has been packed with IEP meetings (Special Education Meetings) and the paperwork that goes with it but it's all good. The hard work for the next month will mean all my work done before the County lets out for spring break and all will be smooth sailing 'til the end of the school year.

Good karma to those in need,



wendy said...

That's impressive artsy

rhodespedal said...

It's tempting to actually get a mini-tattoo that looks like this, actually. Too chicken to follow through with that thought... ;)