Friday, September 26, 2008

So Much to Say and Share

It's been a hella long time since I've blogged and I definitely have some catching up to do. Since my last entry, school has been in session for almost two months (Wow!) and the change in the weather has finally started to occur. Fall and Winter are my favorite times of the year so I'm in absolute heaven right now with the cooler weather!

Over the last week I decided to tackle a bunch of unfinished projects. So far I have finished a scarf for my older sister...

...along with my first fair isle project, the Composed Mitts from Interweave Knits Fall 2007 issue.

I'm now trying to tackle for the bizillionth time my Frieda Sweater. Keepin' the fingers crossed. ;)

I've also been doing a bit of cooking and baking. I just finished baking the most delicious banana nut bread. I swiped this recipe from a friend to knit with's blog.

My latest results...

I've been prowling on Ravelry quite a bit the past few days and was checking out skrillaknits's blog and oh me oh my! She was sharing the coolest techie information. For those who have iPhones or an iTouch (I have the latter) you can download an application called Stitch Minder which is a stitch counter. Very cool!

All right! That's it for now! No, wait! One more thing! I just realized a couple of days ago that people are actually reading my blogs AND posting comments! I'm such an idiot. So, my apologies to all who have written comments and wondered why I never responded. I promise now that I know, I will be responding.

Much love and good karma to all,


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a friend to knit with said...

your mitts are absolutely beautiful!
wonderful job on your fair isle project. wow!