Tuesday, October 7, 2008

In the Raw

So I've been looking more into trying to eat a more raw, healthy diet. I picked up Ani's Raw Food Kitchen book

which contains living food recipes. I looked through the recipes (which look pretty damn good) so I decided to look the author up online. I came across Ani Phylo's website. I really liked how informative her website was and I loved that she has several links to youtube videos showing her making several recipes. (I'm a very visual learner so I love any video or tv show that demonstrates cooking!)

I decided tonight to give one of Ani's recipes a try...her cacao pudding recipe from her website. Holy snikies! What a delicious recipe! It literally took 5 minutes total, prep time and actual making, to complete this recipe and I was so hella happy with it! Everything is raw and organic and crazy yummy! Definitely many thumbs up for this one and I definitely plan to try many more recipes now. Here's my finished pudding! Num Num Num!

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