Monday, February 16, 2009

A Valentine's Story

I found this story posted on a Triathlon site by a father and thought it worth sharing. Enjoy!

So I take my two boys (8 and 6) to the local Hallmark to pick out cards for their mom. Well, the youngest informs me, to my delight, that he's picked me to be his valentine this year, not Mom.

So he wants to pick me out a card, but I told him I wanted him to do that on his own, to keep it kind of a secret. Since he knows how to read, I told him to just look at the cards that said "Dad" on the tab behind them.

Well, as the oldest and I are in another section picking out something for Mom, the youngest comes over, just beaming from ear to ear. "I want to show you the card I picked out!!" I just can't say no when he's in that kind of mood, so I take the card and flip it over to read it.

It starts, To the man I love . . .

I start laughing . . . but he looks and me and says, "What?!? You ARE the man I love!"

Um, yeah, those things can make a Dad get teary-eyed. So my wife had him sign and date it, so that ten years from now, when he's just becoming a real man, I can pull the card out and exclaim, "Don't you remember when I was the man you loved!!?!?"

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Tat said...

Too cute! I have a 3hr ride on sunday. It will be cold but I need to suck it up. I think I am going to SCT if you want to join. Lemme know. It'll be base, nothing too crazy. Tat