Saturday, January 23, 2010


Andy is Dick and Sandy's sweet King Charles Spaniel. She has been most gracious in allowing my dogs to stay with her while we are in transit to Colorado. When Andy was a puppy, her favorite place in the whole world to hide was under the couch. As she's grown older, and obviously larger in size, her favorite hiding spot has become more of a challenge. Taking this challenge head on, this puppy is willing to put forth the effort to squeeze herself into her favorite "puppyhood" spot over and over again just for the simple pleasure of hiding. You've got to admire that kind of determination. A good life lesson, I think. Even the biggest challenge can be taken on with some will-power and determination.



Molly said...

that is the most adorable puppy picture! and i have that very same area rug :)

rhodespedal said...

thanks, molly! this rug is my favorite one of theirs in the house!