Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The In-Laws (to-be)

Meet Dick.
I also call him "the dude". (Secretly.) He makes the most incredible meals every night for myself, the Mrs., and himself to have at a lovely farm-style table accompanied by fabulous amounts of amusing dialog. (I feel like I'm back in Europe where I never rushed a meal and enjoyed the company.)

Meet Sandy.
Sandy is fantastically artsy fartsy and would give her left arm to help others. (I hope she doesn't, though. It's really useful for serving up proper hugs.)

These are my in-laws. Well, starting 9/30/2010 but I figured I would get a jump-start on things. :)

(Please forgive my sub-par photos. I was taking these in an effort to learn how to better use the manual mode on my Nikon. I should have messed with the white balance but I was too focused on getting enough light into the camera without having a lot of noise.... so I forgot! I learned a lot from this session!)

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Molly said...

i think the portraits are wonderful, the the subjects sound like lovely people! i too lucked out in the in-law department - phew!

i don't have your email, but wanted to respond to your question about html. shoot me an email and i'll respond that way. thanks!