Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday! (...but it's my Sunday?)

When I can, I like to use my Sunday to cook up a good bit of food for the upcoming week since I know I'll be busy with teaching and working out. Since yesterday was filled with other plans away from the house, today became my Sunday Cook Day!

The grub for some of the week:

Organic Whole Turkey

Organic Sun Burgers and freshly made ketchup (dehydrated at 104 degrees). Ketchup not pictured...

Dinner on tap for the night was grassfed ribeye, grilled veggies, salad, and for desert... gluten-free, wheat-free, raw mango cobbler!

No pics of the ribeye or salad, but here are the veggies and cobbler.

Veggies pre-grilling


There was no cooking involved in making this cobbler nor was any butter, sugar, or crazy stuff used. The crust was made up of pecans, a vanilla bean, salt, and dates. I used organic frozen mangoes and let them thaw out before using them. I mixed the mangoes with a "syrup" I made that had dates, coconut oil, a vanilla bean, and some water. Topped the mango/syrup mix with leftover crust. I will not be able to post the actual recipe since it is not mine. The Mango Cobbler, along with the recipes for the ketchup and sun burgers, I got out of my wonderful recipe book Ani's Raw Food Kitchen: Easy, Delectable Living Foods Recipes by Ani Phyo. Ani is an amazing raw foods/living foods chef and her recipe book makes this kind of "cooking" easy and delicious! Definitely a book worth getting if you are interested in raw/living foods that are massively yummy!

Hope everyone has an amazing week at life!

Good karma to all,


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