Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dropkick 2008... Ring in the 2009!

A new year deserves a new post! I hope everyone is recovering from all the good time had last night! Mine was certainly entertaining with lots of interesting drama... Never fails to be the case when you bartend. ;) The night started off with one of our bartenders telling us her boyfriend broke up with her a couple of days ago and his band was going to be playing our bar that night. Lucky us! She held it together really well and I especially give her mad props for holding it together as he played song after song that were total heartbreaker songs... (i.e. With or Without You by U2, Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley, Purple Rain by Prince, Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler, etc.) Yeah, no joke. It was brutal and I seriously felt sorry for her.

Later on in the night a fight broke out that turned into four more fights with a bunch of guys and some of their lady friends which spilled into the street. On of the girls came back in and was screaming to us about the whole incident. As she stood there screaming with a her face turning purple all I could think about was how she reminded me of this video...

In these kinds of situations, I find myself using many of the same strategies and techniques I have to use in the classroom when working with my young students. Hmmm...... ;)

(I realize this sounds a bit gossip-y but craziness sometimes has to be put out there.)

Plans for today include meeting up with a cousin for a quick bite to eat then head back home to hang out with AB while watching some football and knitting, knitting, knitting!

Good karma to all,

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