Sunday, January 4, 2009

Oh, how I wish I were a little bit taller...

...but I'm not so finding a tri bike that fits my 5'2'' frame (knew gymnastics and cheerleading would come back to bite me in the butt!) that doesn't have 650s was a bit of a challenge. My budget kept the thoughts of all high-end bikes or custom-made frames far, far away... :-) After lots of research, deciding what I wanted, and deciding to bite the bullet, I returned back from Christmas in Tampa to find bf extaordinaire AB had bit the bullet for me and had this amazing Christmas present waiting for me!

Yes, yes! My very own tri bike! (Specialized Transition E5) Woo-hoo! Now I get to go out and play with all the grown-up boys and girls! 100 points for bf extraordinaire! Just have to get fitted on it now and figure out which saddle to switch out with the stock one. (Played around on the trainer for five minutes and was re-introduced to the pain of stock saddles.) I currently have a Specialized Jett on my Orbea Diva but a friend who says she has the same on her road and tried it on her tri, said it was aweful. Any suggestions on what saddle to throw on my tri bike would be greatly appreciated!

Another cool thing in the works is a trip out to Colorado this summer! AB and I are pretty much set on loading up the bikes and heading west (roadtrip!) for a few weeks. The focus will be Colorado since we are working hard to move there in 2010. We hope to do some races depending on when we make the trip. We definitely will be staying around Denver and Boulder and hope to meet some new peeps and say hi to some old ones!


Brett said...

I had no idea that you had a blog! I am a loyal follower now so you better get to posting!

Sweet Bike!

rhodespedal said...

Yes sir!

(The bike is pretty rad, isn't it?)

Krista said...

I hear you on the height thing. Im 5'2 as well. Bike selections are a bit on the limited side for us awesomely petite ladies.

Nice bike by the way!