Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wonderful Days of Winter

Just got back home a little while ago from running the Wonderful Days of Winter 5k. I ran it with the mindset of it being a completely fun-only race since I have been getting over having bronchitis and haven't been training. You can imagine my surprise when not only did I manage to set a new PR time for a 5K but also walked away winning 3rd place in my Age Group (AG)! It was my first time ever placing in my age group and I was crazy stoked about my placement. AB took 2nd place in his AG and we both were given hand-painted flower pots filled with a bag containing soil and a bulb of some kind. (Maybe a tulip? That would be exciting but I don't know anything about planting or growing bulbs. If anyone does, I'll take any advice!)

(Here's AB and me with our prizes)

Yesterday was a big hangout day for AB and I but we did get to use our iChat for a little while to talk with my sister and her fiance. As you can see, we enjoyed our talk...

(The sis decided to impersonate Kenny from South Park)

Chatting with my sister is always wonderful fun. She has a sense of humor that never stops which I adore. I hope everyone has a friend or family member who makes you laugh and smile as much as S. does for me...

Good karma to all,


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