Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wacky Wednesday!

Wacky weather going on today! It couldn't make up its mind weather (pun intended) or not it wanted to be rainy/windy or sunny/windy! It kept changing up every few minutes. Nutso! Maybe the weather will get back to being cold which I love!!!

Workouts so far have been going well. I really want to get faster at running and hopefully being consistent with training will produce some kick-arse results. I have a bike fit set up on Friday which I'm so excited about since I'm hella antsy to get out there on my new ride! The fit is at the store I bought it from since it's free. After a week or two week, and once I have some time to get a feel of the bike, I will be getting a full-on, real-deal fit at Sportfactory. Hopefully I'll be good to go with riding my new bike for the Tundra Time trail February 14!

I'm also stoked because a Christmas present arrived from the madre today... An E-Z blocking board for my knitting!

Can't wait to finish up my Baby Cables Sweater and use my new board!

Sunday Fun Day was spend with AB's parents which consisted of seeing Milk

then following up with dinner at Canton Cooks. If you haven't seen this movie yet then I highly recommend you get on it. Such a beautiful and inspiring movie with Sean Penn's performance alone makes this film worth seeing.

Happy Hump Day and, of course, Good Karma to all,

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